Adult site ranking factors (part 2) - Adult link building

Adult site ranking factors (part 2) - Adult link building

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When it comes to links, what most SEOs fail to do is to remember that the internal linking structure of a site is as important as the external links that an adult site has. So, adult seos should always have a look at how your site is linked internally if you truly want to maximize the chances of ranking in SERPs and not only focus on adult link building strategies that rely solely on external links.

But, firstly, let us talk about external links as adult site ranking factors


There are a couple of questions that need to be answered when it comes to adult link building:

  • How many links do the competitors that rank on the 1st page have per site
  • Where do those links come from
  • What is the ratio between links on anchor text (aka keywords) and links on naked or brand URLs
  • What is the link velocity? Aka how fast did the site acquired all those links
  • What is the number of links needed to rank on each keyword I want to rank and what is the anchor text ratio?

Sounds complicated, tedious and time consuming? Well, it is! However, if you truly want to rank an adult site, you need to remember this: your competitors that have been on the #1 page for a long time clearly do things right, so, in order to be better than them you need to learn the adult link building strategies they used and implement them on your own site.

The big secret about adult link building as an site ranking factor


The adult niche, usually works by utilizing “black hat” adult SEO strategies. What does this mean? That your competitors will use PBN backlinks and those will not be visible for anyone else except for Google and the site owner.

“But wait, does this not mean that their sites will be penalized by Google?” the client asks

Truth is that theoretically yes, practically no. And why this? Because when all of the sites in a niche employ these techniques, Google will have a hard time knowing what site is better than the other. So, pretty much Google is simply left powerless, and goes with it.

Adult site ranking secret: Google does not use only one algorithm to determine ranking factors. It has several and the ranking factors depend from niche to niche, from country to country. The things that you can do in Italy will not work in the US, and the strategies used in adult will not work in shoe selling niches.

“So, should I use PBN links to rank my adult site?”  - asks client


The answer is Yes and No at the same time. Thing is that the links that come to your site, need to follow the following adult link building creed:

  • Links need to come from sites in your niche – aka no links from shoe sites to your porn site
  • Links need to come from reliable sites – aka not from spammy sites
  • Links need to come from powerful sites – aka sites that have good TF/CF metrics (or DA/PA if you will) if you want them to truly be good for adult site ranking


We could talk a lot about the specifics of each of the above adult link building factors but it is beyond the scope of this article. What should be kept in mind is that the above factors are extremely important in adult site ranking, and that buying spammy, low quality links, including PBN links from overly advertised sales threads and links that do not come from an adult PBN is simply money out the window.


The biggest secret in ranking any adult site is preparation. Meaning a thorough keyword research and a thorough competition analysis. This will help you build a blueprint of what is needed to rank an adult site in your particular sub-niche. Remember this: if your competitors rank #1 then they must be doing things right.


Internal linking as an adult site ranking strategy


It is a shame that internal links are always overlooked when building an adult link building  strategy. Why? Because your site can tell search engines which are the most important pages, and lead search engine spiders to your top performing pages – aka the ones that bring you most leads.

What does this mean?

While there is an impressive number of things that can be said about internal adult link building, if we were to sum it all into a short paragraph it would be this:

Make sure your pages are optimized for both long tail and short tail keywords and that the pages that are optimized for long tail keywords contain a short tail keyword in themselves, and always link to pages that have the short tail keyword of the long tail keywords from the long tail keywords pages.


Sounds complicated and confusing, but it’s not.

Let us say that you have the following keywords

“Asian sex dolls” and “Busty Asian sex dolls for sale”

In the above example we will talk about a site that sells sex products. The “Asian sex dolls” can be a keyword that a Category Page or Landing page is targeting. The “Busty Asian sex dolls for sale” can be a page, or a blog post, or a sub-category in that site.

What you will want to do, is simply to create a hyperlink from the “busty Asian sex dolls for sale” page to the page targeting “Asian sex dolls” using the keyword “Asian sex dolls” as the hyperlink. It’s that simple.

What does that accomplish?

Both keywords talk about the same type of product and refer to the same thing – Asian sex dolls.

Linking from a page targeting a long tail – that has less searches and less competition in most cases – to a short tail keyword that is in the same keyword group is basically giving more power to the page that contains the short tail keywords, and more relevance in search engine spiders’ eyes. It basically tells a spider “here dummy, this is actually a really good page that is also of interest to people that land on this page, so make sure you give it credit”.

Arguably, with just one link things will not have a huge impact, but what happens when you have let’s say 10-20 pages that target short tail keywords and you send links from all of them to your page that targets a short tail keyword in the same group? It’s like getting 20 powerful external links to your page, from a site that is in the same niche. And this is an extremely powerful adult link building strategy!

Of course, in order to do this you need to have a proper keyword research that is grouping keywords based on their category and other similitudes. It is time consuming but at the same time, when it comes to adult site ranking, it is extremely powerful.

And yes, this is a strategy that applies to not only e-commerce types of sites, but also porn tube sites, escort sites, sites that sell sex pills, pretty much everything. Actually, it is a strategy that works extremely well in ALL niches no matter the type of site.


Other aspects of adult site ranking that are worth mentioning


It is needless to say that some will say that we did not cover image optimization, headings optimization, CSS, server time, and the lot. It is true that there are a lot more adult site ranking factors out there, but, this series of  articles wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive guide.

This article is intended to make you see as search engines see a site, and to understand some of the universal truths about adult SEO and adult site ranking. At the same time, we wanted to shed light into the importance of proper keyword research and competition analysis – which is in the end the most fundamental aspect in ranking any adult site no matter if we’re talking about this year or the years to come.


What everybody should know is that Google’s core strategy never truly changed. Of course, there are some minor chances, but its base is and will always be to provide the user a good experience on your site. The way you do this has changed over the years due to the technological improvements we experienced. But, the idea is to give the users what they want, and the way you do this, is covered in this article.

At the same time, always keep in mind the following aspect: there is no need to reinvent the wheel when you want your adult site ranking to go smooth. It is enough to have a look at what the people who are already ranking #1 do no matter if we are talking about adult link building or adult website marketing, and this will tell you what you also need to do to share a place with them.

All of the other things like Hs, robots, CSS, image optimization, and the sorts are subtleties that will help you outrank them. But, in order to outrank any adult site you first need to share the podium, and to get there, you need to follow the above mentioned strategies.

How to rank an adult site without too much hassle


If you made it this far, then, we would like to thank you that you took the time to read this article. It was a long one, but, at the same time, the adult site ranking and adult link building are a lengthy process that is time consuming and can be at times complicated.

Here is how you can rank your adult site without worrying about all of the above: hire us!

Why should you learn everything and spend time and money without being sure that your efforts will pay off – because if you are just beginning you will 100% fail to do everything right. It is a lot easier to let us take that burden off your shoulders.

We already:

  • Ranked sites in the adult niche for the last 10 years
  • Know all the ins and outs of this niche
  • Have access to all the tools – free and premium
  • Are experts at keyword research and competition analysis and adult link building
  • Know how to do it effectively and without wasting time with trial and error

Contact us today to get started!

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