Top 5 adult SEO on-page aspects that you mess up

Top 5 adult SEO on-page aspects that you mess up

March 13, 2018 Articles 0

It is needless to say that every adult website owner wants to have more traffic, more leads, more conversions and more money. And most of the times, the situation seems desperate as no matter what the owner does, the site seems to be simply “stuck”.  Fortunately, there are quite a few adult SEO tricks when it comes to “quick” fixes to give your site the push that it needs. And in this article we are going to focus on both the on-site and off-site factors that are usually overlooked but they make a big difference in ranking.

On-site Adult SEO optimization that you need to look at


Most adult sites share the same similarities, no matter if we are talking about porn tube, sex toy site, pills site, escort site, etc. etc. So, let us have a look at the adult seo on-site tweaks that once done can truly make your site get un-stuck and get better positions in searches.

Image optimization

We need to make it clear from the get-go that most adult websites are extremely visual. And it is really easy to simply upload an pretty image on site without paying any consideration to the name, the alt and the size of the image. After all, you paid the designed quite a bit of money and quite a bit of time was spent to make the photo look good. Additionally, when you upload it that also takes time, and it seems like thinking about the image name and the ALT attribute is more time wasted.

BUT, any good adult SEO will know that the image optimization and size is extremely important because of the following things:

  • Bumps your keyword optimization a notch
  • Helps you rank in image search results
  • If properly compressed, the image will not slow down the site
  • Can be a good selling point for your visitors

Of course, image optimization needs to be made on two fronts: image quality and compression AND image SEO optimization. While the first depends on your designer (or depending on the site a image compression plugin you use) the second depends on adult keywords that you uncovered during your keyword research.

Keep in mind that for each and every image on your site, there needs to be keyword research. So, use that to your advantage.

Pro Adult SEO Tip: You can optimize the image in long tail keywords including the title and the ALT.


Site load time

Any adult SEO will tell you that a slow loading site doesn’t really cut it these days. Google loves sites that load really fast on desktop and mobile alike. And if you want to get on top of the search results, then you will want to see what slows down your site and improve it.

Some of the most common factors that slow down an adult site are:

  • Old site architecture and technology (if your site is older than 1 year you should consider updating its technology)
  • Slow server / Bad hosting (you would be surprised how your adult site will improve with a better host)
  • Bad coding: images not properly compressed, chunky CSS, tons of Java Scripts, pop-ups, banners, etc.

So, what you need to do?

We would strongly advise that you take an adult site audit (link acilea catre serviciu) to see how you improve both on the technology, architecture and general on-site optimization.

We do realize that this means money for you, as you will have to pay for the adult seo audit, for the developer, for a better hosting, but you will be making an investment in your business that is going to come back to you in bigger overall ROI.




Surprise, surprise, in 2018 most of the searches in Google come from mobile devices. So, if your site is not properly optimized for mobile, you are in a world of pain. This because your mobile ranking will be down the drain, and this will in turn negatively affect your desktop ranking.

We need to make it clear that any serious adult SEO will recommend that you make your site as responsive as possible. And if your site is too old, our suggestion is to give it a redesign. Again,  this costs but it’s a good investment.

We could go on and on about what needs to be done, but, we are in the adult SEO business not in web development, so we will just say: get a good coder, a good theme, and make your site as mobile friendly as possible as fast as you can.


404 management


When was the last time that you looked at the 404 pages on your site? We can bet that it’s at least a month in 99.99% of the times.

But, why would that matter? After all, 404 pages don’t really hurt your rankings, do they? Well, and adult SEO will always say that you need to pay attention to your 404s for several reasons. But, the most important reason of all is that Google hates 404 pages! And what Google doesn’t like, you should not like too.

So, what can you do with the 404 pages?

A simple  method that we implement is this one:

  • Check 404 page
  • Is the page an important page and should it still be live?
  • If yes, fix the page and make it live again
  • If no, redirect the page to an appropriate location via a 301 redirect


And since we are talking about redirects let us also talk about them, because, if you are not an adult SEO chances are that you didn’t redirect them the right way.



We can say that not only in adult SEO redirects are misunderstood. First of all, why do you need redirects?

You need redirects because:

  • You have 404 errors generated by pages you deleted but the URL is still indexed in Google
  • You want to delete pages from your site
  • You perform content consolidation on your site
  • You do not have the product in stock anymore and you want to send users to the next best thing

Why are redirects important?

Well, because they pass “juice”. Aka power. So, here are some tips to do the redirects properly:

  • Always do 301 redirects
  • Do the redirects to another page aka product/category that is similar to the extinct page rather than homepage




This is part 1 that focused on the on-page factors. In the next article we are going to talk about the off-page aspects that can truly give your adult site a boost. Keep in mind that adult SEO works best if you have a strategy and if you do the changes following a well-designed plan.

Doing things randomly or by ear is not going to bring you sustainable results, at most, it will give you temporary boosts that bring you a step closer to getting the site drop rank or, worst case scenario, a Google penalty.

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